When should I enroll for school?

If your child is commencing school for the first time, usually on their 5th birthday, it is best to enrol at least 4 – 6 weeks before the starting date.  We welcome you to fill an interest to enrol form as early as possible so we can plan ahead for your arrival.  If your child’s birthday is during a holiday break 4 –5 weeks before the end of the previous term is ideal.  If you are transferring schools , it is best to enroll as early as is convenient.

Transitioning to school program

Children that are nearing 5  lyears old are welcome to attend the Hare Krishna School one morning week and be involved in the classroom program to familiarise with the environment and to begin connecting with their peers and teachers

How to Enrol

Simply phone the Office to arrange an appointment on  09 4126325, to arrange a time which is mutually convenient.  By making an appointment, that time is specifically put aside for you and your child and you won’t have to wait or be unnecessarily delayed.

Please provide the following upon enrolment:

  • Passport Copy showing Residency stamp /or Student permit.
  •  New Zealand Birth Certificate (if born in New Zealand).
  • Copy of Immunization Records.
  •  Previous School records/history.

What happens when enrolling?
Together we fill in the enrollment form.  The child being enrolled can often provide the answers!

We take a tour of the school.

We visit the classroom your child will be in and if possible meet the teacher.

How much time does enrolling take?
Usually about 30-40 minutes.

What does the school need to know:

  • Key contact information.
  • Parent/Caregiver details.
  • Your child’s interests
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Medical Information.

Very Important

If your child has a medical condition, disability, learning disorder etc it is the family’s responsibility to ensure this is discussed and outlined so the school is informed and knowledgeable.

If we are to provide the best of care and education for your child we do need to know.  Your child is welcome at our school, all information is treated in confidence.