Open Day 20th November 2018 – All Welcome!

Are you curious about what education is like at Hare Krishna School?

Come and visit us – Open Day 20th November

All welcome!

10:00 am
Greeting and a talk from the principal

10:30 am
Walk around the classrooms,speak to students and teachers.

11:00 am
Discussions and questions

Are looking for alternative education for your child?

Can anyone join Hare Krishna school or is it only for Hare Krishna devotees?
Do the children cover the regular New Zealand curriculum?
Are the children happy?
Do they integrate well into high school and University after leaving the school?
What kind of results is the school producing?
What are some of the children’s achievements?
Is the school only primary or high school as well?

Get these questions and more answered when you come to the Open Day on 20th November 2018.

  • New Zealand Curriculum Year 1-10
  • Caring culture based on Krishna consciousness
  • Holistic engagement for the body, mind, emotions & soul
  • Personalised learning
  • Investigative play and student led projects

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