Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach the New Zealand curriculum?
Yes, we teach the full New Zealand curriculum. In addition to the New Zealand curriculum, we teach the Vedic cultural subjects of Bhagavad-gita, harmonium and mrdanga. Our values education programme synthesizes universal values within the Vedic cultural tradition.

How do children who graduate from Hare Krishna School integrate within the New Zealand High School system?
Children who graduate from our school are equipped with the social, emotional and spiritual assets to thrive in any environment. We encourage children to be responsible, respectful and resilient. Children in our school have been observed by a cross section of professional service providers from the medical and educational fields as being highly motivated, mature and capable of self-monitoring. Seven out of eight children to graduate in 2005 entered into accelerated classes in their respective High schools

What is your policy on homework?
We believe homework is an opportunity for connecting home and school. In this sense, we use homework as a vehicle to share with parents and family members the important academic and cultural lessons from school. Homework is never given simply to fill in time. It is purposeful and connected to the learning experience within the classroom curriculum. We also believe that children should have time to play and be children and therefore we ensure the homework does not take up much time.

Do you cater for special needs and gifted children in your school?
Yes, we are fortunate to have a manageable number of students. All our staff meet to discuss special needs and collectively combine to prescribe the best possible support programmes. We are currently participating in a Ministry of Education contract on Gifted and Talented.

What is so special about Hare Krishna School?
The Hare Krishna School is a cultural school. We are dedicated to providing the very best in education; spiritually and materially. Our children feel a tremendous sense of security and based on this secure environment, they are willing to explore, experiment and express their individuality. We have created an ideal supportive atmosphere for any child to develop to their full potential.

What about bullying?
We are fortunate that bullying is not an issue at our school. The children are taught to see everyone as an eternal servant of God and with this vision to treat every living entity with respect and dignity. Many of our children have come to our school from other schools in Auckland and have reported to us unfortunate incidents of racism and other forms of bullying in their previous schools. All forms of bullying are unacceptable and we have a zero tolerance to bullying.

What special curriculum subjects do you teach?
Sanskrit is taught at all year levels at the Hare Krishna School. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and is especially relevant to our children who mostly trace their mother tongue to one of the Indian dialects. Sanskrit is also the language of the world’s greatest epic literature and philosophy and therefore a rich source of knowledge and culture. Besides Sanskrit, we teach traditional Indian musical instruments – harmonium and mrdanga as well as bhajans – devotional songs and chants.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?
All staff members are registered with the Teachers Council and hold current teachers certificates. As well as New Zealand registrations and qualifications, most of our staff have overseas teaching experience. All staff members are dedicated to on-going learning and professional development which is part of our school wide strategic planning. Our current school wide focus for professional development is in Gifted and Talented and developing the Sanskrit curriculum.