There are many ways you can participate in the day to day running of the school.

BOT Participation
Board of Trustees participation in governance of the school.

School trips.
Parents are asked to assist on school trips and the response is always very supportive.

Sports Days and PE
From time to time parents and community members contribute to the school by organizing fun sports activities and cultural events such as soccer matches, fruit picking competitions and even a haka.

Lunchtime supervision
As we have limited staff it is a great help if parents can supervise morning break and lunchtime. This is an opportunity to spend time with the children in a relaxed and semi-structured environment.

Classroom Parent Help
Parents are always welcome to assist particularly in the Junior classes. Parent Resource Helpers Parent help is always appreciated in sorting and creating resources.

The school welcomes the input of the parents. From time to time the school surveys parents and community members on important issues related to improving learning opportunities.

Regular Spiritual Programme
As part of the all round education of your child at the Hare Krishna School we encourage families to either attend the daily temple program or to hold a spiritual program in their home. Parents are also encouraged to attend temple festivals along with their children.