Board of Trustees

In accord with the Education Act (1989) the School is governed by a Board of Trustees.

Board (BOT) members for 2018/2019:


Guru Vani Dasi – Proprietor’s rep and Chairperson
Krsnananda Dasa – Principal
Vimala Dasi – Staff representative
Kalasavara Dasa – Proprietors rep
Krishna Chandra Dasa – Proprietors rep
Shruti Jani – Parent rep
Ashraya Nitai Dasi – Parent rep
Krsnendu Dasa – Parent rep
Rama Priya – Parent rep
Suhrt Krishna Dasa – Parent rep


Board of Trustees Meetings
Board meetings are held every two months.  During these meetings, issues relating to the school are discussed.  The Board meeting dates are available on the school notice board. Parents and members of the community are welcome to attend these meetings or give ideas/feedback/proposals.  If you wish to attend the meeting/s, please advise the school office in advance.

To view the School Policies, please go to
1. Click Search for your school – Hare Krishna School
2. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.
3. Enter the community username (harekrishna) and password (prabhupada)