Christian says:

Our twins  year 1 recently began attending classical music training with very rigorous teachers who this past week said to me unsolicited your children are not like other kids” which got my attention.

They are so alive they are not intimidated and are so engaged and able to focus your kids aren’t afraid and dead to the spirit of our instruction like most of the children we see and on and on like that for a few minutes.

Given that my kids are not even 6 years old yet and are totally your typical kids in their desire to just play around and generally be kid-like and that I was worried the music school would not take such young children and would find them too difficult to teach to such high standards of classical training as much as I’d love to think it’s our great parenting… in fact I attribute this in large measure to the spirit of supreme loving discipline imparted to the students by the staff of our school, particularly the vastly experienced Vimala Mataji of year 1.

The best things about the Hare Krishna School are it’s true integration of intellectual, moral, spiritual, creative and practical disciplines all within the spirit of a shared journey of respect and something of a common adventure between all the age groups, teachers, administrators, temple staff and volunteers, and the community living nearby. This is fundamentally unique education of the best standards.

I have spent a lot of time at the school personally and have observed all the large amounts of time and energy focused on solid intellectual developmental training… but this work is actually naturally embraced by the kids of all the age classes” they find it fun because it is a holistic experience of learning as a part of living.

other great points:

Eating together in a spirit of gratitude and sharing and service

Kids not only give respect to adults but they receive it. This cannot be underestimated.

Music and dance and cultural exposure are not just class fragments but are part of the gestalt experience of the school

The property itself is beautiful and full of the wonder and perfect stimulation of nature

The teachers, the administrators, the bus drivers, every adult at the school are articulate, talented, serene, and best of all HAPPY. children model adults assiduously and I have found the level of true respect I’ve witnessed of the children toward the adults at the school (and vice versa) to be the highest and yet most naturally motivated that I’ve ever encountered anywhere amongst child education institutions.

Finally the maximal point “The Hare Krishna school works. As we all know in life success breeds success. there are a plethora of reasons why all of the above is true and all those reasons enhance each other to make the school a triumph. when something works it works for everyone and it continues to work. this is the case at the Hare Krishna School.

I think what I personally like best about the school is that everyone at the school is so happy to be there and be a part of something so great.

Uma says:

I like the Hare Krishna school because I feel confident that my child is safe and is learning the right things. I don’t have to worry that she will pick up bad habits or language from peers or teachers. She is learning English and maths without compromising on her own language and culture.

Swasti says:

I feel great about sending my daughter to Hare Krishna School because my daughter is always motivated to attend school. I do not have to wake her up or worry too much about her homework. She always feels inspired. I think the school is providing her great environment to learn. This school is giving a holistic approach to education.
Hare Krishna.

CHR says:

The concept of Gurukula is reflected in the school environment with dedicated teachers and principal imparting an all around education to the children making them better persons.

Anupama says:

Good school atmosphere. Kids get personal attention at school. They enjoy the activities like gym, library, art work, story telling, games etc at school..Kids get to have fresh, healthy and hot vegetarian food for lunch everyday. Teachers are very caring and give personal attention to each and every kid. Kids are very happy to go to school. Bus ride is fun to the kids.

Paul says:

My daughter has been attending Hare Krishna School from the last five years and she has loved every day of it. Strong values have been nurtured. Apart from the academic accomplishments. I believe that the values acquired at this early age will make her a better person for the rest of her life… Keep up the good work guys…

Naresh says:

Hare Krishna !
Great atmosphere. I can see the difference in the enthusiasm and motivation level in my son always looking forward to go to school. Apart from NZ curriculum I can see my son being associated with not only with Indian culture but also learns about local Maori culture and other activities of course the availability freshly prepared Veg lunch and easy school bus facility takes away our stress of these day to day requirements for my son. Even my younger son is eager to join the school next.

The best of all is having Gurukula environment with modern facilities… something which I had never expected before coming to NZ..