School Uniform 2021

What a child is taught will last them a lifetime.

A well dressed and clean child will be a well-dressed and clean adult.

Therefore, a high standard of personal presentation must be maintained at the Hare Krishna School.

Please ensure that your child has at least 2 sets of uniforms to ensure they are always neat, tidy, and clean. Uniforms that are stained or torn will not be acceptable.

Hair should be neat, and if long, must be tied up.

Below is the uniform price list from Elizabeth Michael Uniforms, in Grey Lynn.

Let’s take pride in being Hare Krishna School students.

Price List

Girls Uniform
Kurta Top $53.95
Punjabi Pants $41.95
Navy Fleece jumper with logo $42.00
Boys Uniform
Kurta Top $45.95
Cargo Shorts $29.95
Cargo Pants $35.95
Navy Fleece jumper with logo $42.00
Sports Uniform (Boys and Girls)
Navy Sports Shorts $22.50
Hare Krishna School Accessories (Optional)
Navy Softshell Jacket $79.00
Navy sunhat with draw cord and school logo $17.00
Navy Beanie (One size fits all) with school logo $10.00
Headband (Fabric to match girls’ kurta) $12.50
Scrunchie (Fabric to match girls’ kurta) $5.50

You can purchase the full school uniform on the Elizabeth Michael Uniforms website:

This is a web portal service and you require the school code to register and purchase garments specific to our school. You will also find a pdf of the school uniform list as a reference for you to download. This can also be used should you require a quote for WINZ.

Please do the following:

  1. Click log-in at the top right-hand side of the Elizabeth Michael home page
  2. Fill out your details and the school log-in code – HK195
  3. Elizabeth Michael admin will send you your confirmed user name and password
  4. Enter your username or email address plus your unique password in the log-in section and you are ready to start purchasing

Purchasing on-line should only be done if you are certain of your child’s size. We recommend that you initially bring your child in to try their uniforms on at the Elizabeth Michael Uniforms shop at 4 Bond St, Grey Lynn.

If you have any questions call Elizabeth Michael on (09) 358 1680 or email them at: