School Uniform 2015

What a child is taught will last them a lifetime.

A well dressed and clean child will be a well-dressed and clean adult.

Therefore, the standard of personal presentation must be maintained at the Hare Krishna School.

Please ensure that your child has at least 2 sets of uniforms to ensure they are always neat, tidy, and clean. Uniforms that are stained or torn will not be acceptable.

Hair should be neat, and if long, must be tied up.

Below is the uniform price list.

Black shoes and socks are part of the uniform but can not be purchased from the school.

Let’s take pride to be Hare Krishna School students.

Price List:

Girls top, boys top – $20.00 each
Senior girls long skirt – $20.00
Boys cotton pants – $20.00
Girls cotton pants – $20.00
Girls & boys cargo thick cotton pants – $29.00
Sports shorts ‘easy dry’ – $30.00
Shorts rugger – $15.00
Summer hat – $12
Sports shirt – $19.00
Winter skivvy (long sleeve) – $20.00
Winter jumper with logo – $45